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Bee Smart
Bee Smart

It is easier to co-create a sustainable future and social well-being with the help of information.

Learn: read a book, google it, attend workshops. What information changed your life?

Bee kind
Bee kind

Kindness and love for our neighbours bring us closer. Together we are stronger!

Be kind: help a fellow man, encourage friends, do a good job. Who are you going to brighten your day today?

Bee active
Bee active

We build big changes with small actions.

Be active: walk, dance, swim, run. What challenge will you overcome today?


Bee Kind

International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day is a holiday for all volunteers who selflessly carry out their mission and alleviate the suffering of people and other living beings through good deeds. Become a volunteer yourself! Find the nearest humanitarian society and help as much as you can.


What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

Bee Kind

St. Nicholas Day

Today, the best behaving children will get presents from the first good man, Saint Nicholas. So surprise the people you love by secretly giving them a little something and brightening their day.

Bee Smart

International Civil Aviation Day

Did you know that in May 2020, Velis Electro, made by Slovenian company Pipistrel,  became the first type-certified electric aircraft in the world?

Bee Active

Pretend to be a time traveler Day

We are celebrating one of the most fun days of the year – we are pretending to be time travellers. So let's put on one of the wacky costumes and travel to the time closest to our hearts. However, those who would rather skip the costumes check out the iconic sci-fi movie, such as Back to the Future.

Bee Active

Christmas Card Day

Ho ho ho! This is the day to start the December festivities! There is nothing more heart-warming than gifting someone with a heap of best wishes. This year, avoid sending instant Christmas messages and make your own old-fashioned greeting card. Be creative!

Bee Kind

Human Rights Day and International Animal Rights Day

December 10 is an important day, as we celebrate two special days - International Animal Rights Day and International Human Rights Day. Therefore:

- teach your loved ones always to be nice to animals,

- adopt a furry friend or help animals in shelters,

- teach your children to respect animals and people,

- help a fellow human being in need.

Bee Active

International Mountain Day

Put on your hiking boots -we're going to the mountains! We celebrate International Mountain Day. This unique territory covers more than a fifth of our Earth's surface, offering a home to humans, as well as a range of animal and plant species.

Bee Active

Gingerbread House Day

If there are gingerbread biscuits on the table, we know for sure that the Christmas holidays are coming. Are you any good at building a gingerbread house?   In the end, your effort will pay off as soon as you bite into the yummy roof or door.