What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

Bee Smart

World Diabetes Day

Polygenic disease or diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which the blood sugar level is too high. Its incidence is rising sharply. More than 1.1 million children and adolescents living with type 1 diabetes. This year we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin, which is the only effective way to fight diabetes.

Bee Kind

World kindness Day

Today we celebrate World Kindness Day. It is the day when we want to be kind and receive kindness in return. Therefore: surprise someone with random acts of kindness, smile at a stranger and offer them help if they need it, help the elderly across the street, and be kind to animals and the environment.

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Happy Hours Day

It's time to find your favourite bar for drinks and appetizers of your choice and enjoy every minute of their happy hour. Try a drink you've never had before. But make sure you drink responsibly.

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St Martin\'s Day Celebration

Slovenia is a country of superb wines, so the wine festival, Martinovo, is celebrated by Slovenes all week long. Toast with your friends in a slightly different way - go on a wine experience with a wine tasting or visit the oldest vine in the world in Maribor, from which sweet grapes have been picked for more than four centuries.

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World Science Day for Peace and Development

Bee Smart

International Week of Science and Peace 9.11.-15.11.

World Science Day for Peace and Development, which we celebrate every November 10, emphasizes the vital role of science in society and the need to involve the general public in discussions on emerging scientific issues. Attend today's events and learn about the importance of science in our daily lives.

Bee Smart

World Urbanism Day

Today, in more than thirty countries around the world, World Urbanism Day is celebrated to make people aware of the role planning and creating urban settlements has. Visit the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana, one of the oldest museums of architecture and design in Europe or take a walk through the beautiful Slovenian urban areas designed by exceptional architects and urban planners Maks Fabiani, Jože Plečnik, Edvard Ravnikar and Edo Mihevc.

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Alenka Artnik sets a record with the single fin

The Slovenian mermaid, Alenka Artnik, set a new world record on this day in 2000. She reached 114 m in the freediving monofin discipline in Sharm El-Sheikh. On July 22 in 2021, she broke her own record in Long Island when she touched bottom at 122 m.

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Nachos day

Sometimes they are dipped into hot and spicy sauce. Other times in creamy one. But one is certain: nachos are delicious and popular all around the world. So, celebrate World nacho Day by visiting the nearest Mexican restaurant and treat yourselves to nachos with a selection of yummy dips. Then, those true party animals out there, throw a nacho party at your house. Vamos!

Bee Smart

Matrix is ​​played in cinemas around the world in 2003

On this day in 2003, at precisely 2 o'clock Greenwich time, cinemas worldwide simultaneously screened the last part of the successful trilogy Matrix Reloaded. So if you haven't seen this cult classic starring Keanu Reeves, tonight is the night to let the characters take you into the Matrix.