What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

Bee Kind

International Day Against Violence and Bullying at School, including Cyberbullying

Almost every second teenager between 13 and 15 has already been affected by physical or online abuse at school or close by. So let's teach younger children about the abuse and encourage them to become kinder and more tolerant of their friends.

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Stress Awareness Day

It's a perfect day to show stress a big STOP sign. We live in a time when it's impossible to avoid stress since it chases us everywhere. So, let's gift ourselves with some enjoyable and relaxing activities: sports, meditation, playing with our children, walking in nature, cooking, or watching a game.

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November is the month when men let their beards grow and twirl their moustaches. Join the #movember movement and speak for early detection of male diseases.

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World Vegan Day

Eating vegetable-based food can work miracles for your health and the health of our planet. So today, have a go at cooking vegan and put at least one vegan dish on your menu.

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Prepare for this long, gloomy night appropriately: invite friends and compete in carving pumpkins, prepare a magic concoction, or find out who is the first to find a black cat.

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Haunted Refrigerator Night

Have a fast day and avoid the fridge after 6 pm. You never know which forbidden food can spoil your evening or morning weighing.

Bee Smart

Internet Day

This day is dedicated to the Internet, which answers all questions - anywhere and anytime. However, since many pitfalls await you online, today, you can learn about the safe use of the Internet and finally surf carefree.

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The first lace school was founded in Idrija in 1876

Did you know that lacemaking has had a long tradition in Slovenia? As early as 1876, an independent lace school was established in Idrija, which laid the foundations for lacemaking in our country. Today, the inhabitants of Idrija celebrate the lace tradition with the annual traditional international lace festival.

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World Day for Audio-visual Heritage

UNESCO declared October 27 World Day for Audio-visual Heritage to highlight the paramount importance of audio-visual material and the media, such as films, video and sound recordings, radio and television. To appropriately celebrate this day, watch an old black and white movie. Which one will you choose?

Bee Kind

Intersex Awareness Day

Being intersexual is not a disease, as it is a natural development of the human body. According to some estimates, up to 1.7% of the population has intersex characteristics. On this international day, support the movement against the mutilation of the bodies of people born slightly different but still healthy.