What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

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World Walking Day

Let's stretch our legs today! It's World Walking Day. Go for a long walk, hike in the hills, or find one of the themed trails near you. Choose to walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator and walk to work and the shop.

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World Standards Day

To reduce the impact people have on our planet, we must follow international standards. Do you know the standards for environmental protection? Go ahead and look them up!

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No Bra Day

Girls, women, young ladies, leave your bra at home today! By the way, did you know that the Slovenian company Lisca became famous in Yugoslavia with the Majda bra as far back as 1955?

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The construction of the road to Mangart was completed in 1938

Choose a hike along the most beautiful scenic mountain road in Slovenia and enjoy the view of the stunning Julian Alps. On October 12, 1938, the construction of the highest Slovenian road was completed, which, after 12 kilometres of serpentine bends, leads to the 2,055 m high Mangart Saddle.

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Global Talent day

Be original and show your talent!

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World Mental Health Day

A strong mental state is the foundation of health and enables an individual to have a good life. Unfortunately, the number of mental issues has been rising in recent years, as has the number of suicides. Pay attention to people in need – reach out with a heart-warming conversation or a short walk.

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World Post Day

We have been celebrating World Post Day on this day every year since 1969. So, who will you surprise with a letter today? Be creative - make an envelope, choose an adorable stamp, and send a letter by regular mail.

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World Octupus Day

It's World Octopus Day. So, let's join the volunteers and create a crocheted octopus. These little toys promote the growth and development of newborns in incubators. This is how it works. These tiny works of art are distributed to maternity wards and placed in the hands of premature babies. As a result, people have now noticed that children are calmer and no longer pull the tubes that help them maintain vital functions.

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Davo Karničar - the first man in the world to conquer and ski Everest in 2000

In 2000, on this day, the outstanding Slovenian alpinist and extreme alpine skier, Davo Karničar, became the first man in the world first to climb Mount Everest and then ski down from the top to the foothills.

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The Mad Hatter day

This day is dedicated to the unforgettable character portrayed by Lewis Carroll in the book Alice in Wonderland – the Mad Hatter. Why don't you throw a wacky novel-inspired tea party and invite your friends to join you?