What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

Bee Kind

International Day of Charity

The most wonderful thing is to share happiness and multiply helpfulness! On this day of charity, reach out to someone who needs your help.

Bee Smart

World Beard Day

Try an ancient custom the knights used to have. Shaving is strictly forbidden! Bearded men in the family can celebrate, enjoy and relax on their special holiday. Interesting fact from Sweden: in the village of Dönksborg, all beardless people are evicted on this day and have to spend the day in a nearby forest. Can you believe that?

Bee Smart

The first Slovenian Satelites in Space in 2020

September 3 2020, was historically significant for Slovenia: In French Guayana, The European Space Agency launched its rocket Vega VV16 that transported two Slovenian satellites NEMO-HD and TRISAT, into space.

Bee Smart

Opening of the Vinarium Tower in 2015

On this day in 2015, a 53.5 m Vinarium Tower in Lendavske gorice was opened. Its 360 degrees panorama roof offers a spectacular view of Slovenia and the neighbouring countries: Hungary, Austria and Croatia. 

Bee Active

Global Talent Acquisition Day

Everybody has their unique talent: some sing like nightingales, some make accessories out of recycled plastic, some can grow a giant pumpkin in the world, and some can cook delicious food out of leftovers. There's never enough talent – so find yours today.

Bee Kind

International Overdose Awareness Day

Today we encourage you to support the Global Movement for Overdose Awareness and save someone from certain death. Every year hundreds of thousands of people die looking for comfort in drugs and alcohol.

Bee Active

International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances

On this day, every year, we remember all the missing persons. The statistics are alarming: every year, supposedly 100,000 adults and 76,000 children go missing. Help raise awareness with children to avoid the worst-case scenarios: spend this day spreading information about the dangers of the internet.