What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Dogs are antidepressants on four paws. No wonder they are considered man's best friends if petting them has confirmed therapeutic effects. If you own a dog, take him to work and make everybody there feel great again. 

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International Typewriter Day

Try this: ignore your computer for the whole day and dust off the old typewriter. Use it to type letters and send them by mail. On this day in 1868, a patent by the American inventor, Christopher Latham Sholes, was approved for the invention of the typewriter.

Bee Smart

World Rainforest Day

In Europe, rainforests can be found in the British Isles, in Spain, Bulgaria and Serbia. The most important is, of course, the tropical rainforest that inhabits about 75% of all animal and plant species and produces as much as 28% of the world's oxygen. 

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World Music Day

Over 700 cities around the globe are singing, dancing, and playing music today. Some fantastic musicians also come from Slovenia. Let's mention just a few: Oberkrainer "folk-pop music" band Avsenik Ensemble, avant-garde band Laibach, percussion group The Story, acapella choir Perpetuum Jazzile, opera singer Irena Baar and electronic music maestro DJ Umek.

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Ice Cream Day

This day will be sweeter, for sure! It's the International Ice-Cream Day. Grab a friend and take them for a scoop of your favorite frozen flavor. Ljubljanske mlekarne was the first Slovenian company that started industrial ice-cream production in 1958. In that year, the legendary ice cream on a stick – Lučka was introduced

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Father’s Day

It's the Fathers' Day. Make some time to spend the day with your dad.

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Sustainable Gastronomy Day

Let's think about our food! Why don't we use local produce – that's how we encourage the local economy and lower the amount of greenhouse gas that comes from transportation. That's the way to bring fresher food to our plates.

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World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

We honour the World Desertification and Draught Day to put international efforts in the fight against desertification under the spotlight. Have you heard about the Big Green Wall initiative? Google it!

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Postojna Cave becomes the first karst cave with a railway in 1872

On June 16, 1872, the first railway through a dripstone cave was built in Postojna cave. This railway was the first project of its kind in the world. The Postojna Cave itself welcomed its first visitors in 1819, and by now, this number has risen to more than 38 million people from all over the globe.

Bee Smart

Karst prosciutto becomes protected Slovenian product in the EU in 2012

Have a piece of homemade bread with a slice of Karst prosciutto ham and a drop of original olive oil. On June 15, 2012, "Kraški pršut" became the 12th Slovenian product registered as a protected geographical indication.

Bee Kind

World Blood Donor Day

Today is the day to save a life and donate your blood. Donating blood is undoubtedly one of the noblest ways to help fellow men. As far as blood supply goes, Slovenia is self-sufficient. The very first voluntary donors in Slovenia gave their blood on June 4, 1945.

Bee Smart

International Albinism Awareness Day

Albinism is still widely misunderstood as it is rooted in false beliefs, myths, and superstitions. However, albinism is a rare, incontiguous, hereditary trait that can befall all living species. There are less than 100 albino donkeys in the world, but you can find one in Slovenia in Jareninski vrh, living on the farm owned by the family Tasič.

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World Wellness Day

Celebrating World wellness day is an excellent excuse to indulge yourself with a relaxing treatment. Choose something special for your body and soul: a unique forest selfness or maybe apitherapy with its healing bee powers and products.

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International Lynx Day

The Lynx is one of the most endangered mammals in Slovenia and thus protected. A project called LIFE Lynx has been operational since 2017 to save the Dinaric-SE Alpine Lynx population through reinforcement and long-term conservation. Did you know? The Lynx is the Slovenian national ice hockey team's symbol.

Bee Smart

Velis, the world\'s first type-certified electric aircraft

Do you want to rise into the clouds in an electric plane? On June 10, 2020, Pipistrel, a Slovenian manufacturer of ultralight planes, achieved fantastic success by being awarded type certification for its battery-powered aircraft Velis Electro as the first company to do so in aviation history.