What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

Bee Smart

World Aquatic Animal Day

On World Aquatic Animal Day, visit a nearby aquarium and dive into the beautiful colorful underwater world. Did you know that there are 242,500 marine species already described in the World Register of Marine Species, but the exact number of all existing species is not known yet?


Bee Smart

International Children\'s Book Day

Hans Christian Andersen is the famous Danish fairy-tale author who said: “Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.” On today's World Youth Literature Day, let's take fairy tales in our hands and awake the child within us.

Bee Kind

April Fools\' Day

On today´s Fool’s Day prepare a kind joke or prank on someone and make them laugh. You are allowed to yell “April Fools!” at the end if the person falls for the joke.


Bee Active

Crayons Day

Colour your day with crayons. Maybe create your own artwork and give it to someone you love.

Bee Active

Virtual Vacation Day

March 30 is the day of virtual holidays, which reminds us to relax and recharge our batteries, no matter where we are. Virtual vacations do not require packing or long cross-continental flights. All you need for a virtual vacation are VR glasses. Discover the nearest destination that offers a virtual reality walkthrough and discover a new world.

Bee Smart

World Piano Day

On the 88th day of the year, we celebrate the festival of musical instruments with 88 keys - the piano. Attend a concert of top pianists or spin a recording of your favourite one.

Bee Active

National Hot Tub Day

Pamper yourself in a warm bubble bath. Would you like to try something new or funky? Then find out where you can try bubble bath yoga, head to the bath cinema and watch a film. Are you up for the game Find in the Bubbles? Jump into a warm bath and look for submerged objects among the bubbles.

Bee Active

World Theatre Day

Let's make this day all about culture. How about visiting the local theatre and seeing a show on stage?

Bee Kind

Purple Day

On March 26, we celebrate Purple Day - Epilepsy Awareness Day. Otherwise, the world celebrates Violet Day, as most people equate purple and violet. So today, let's dress in purple, learn about epilepsy, and most importantly, how to help a person experiencing an epileptic seizure.

Bee Kind

Mother\'s Day

Today, it's our dear moms special day. So give your mom your time and take her on a trip to the unknown, give her a greeting card with a beautiful dedication, cook mom's favourite dish, or do some chores she doesn't like.