What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

Bee Smart

Rally Monte Carlo 1938

The famous Monte Carlo Rally has been held every year since 1911, when the first race towards the French Riviera was held. On this day in 1938, in the 17th rally with the finish line in Monte Carlo, the competitors started from eight European cities. One of the routes ran from Palermo in Sicily and included a checkpoint in Ljubljana.

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International Day of Education

January 24 has been declared International Education Day, emphasising the importance of lifelong learning and general education for all people. Knowledge is our most powerful weapon in the fight against ignorance, poverty, and discrimination. Therefore, on this day, visit an event organised as part of the celebration, or attend training in the field that particularly interests you.

Bee Smart

Jože Plečnik´s Birthday

On this day in 1872, the famous architect Jože Plečnik was born. He left his indelible mark on many European cities, especially in Prague, Vienna, and his hometown Ljubljana. His influence on the Slovenian capital's appearance was so significant that some call the city Plečnik's Ljubljana.

Bee Kind

Celebration of Life Day

Today's Saturday is dedicated to our little ones. Unfortunately, parents sometimes find it difficult to find the time to fully dedicate themselves to their children due to the fast pace. So, cancel your appointments today and spend the day with your kids.

Bee Kind

National Hugging Day

Did you know that a hug, in addition to brightening our day, strengthens the immune system, reduces stress, and helps us sleep better? So embrace all your loved ones and the friends you meet today. If you miss someone and can't visit them, send them a message with a virtual hug.

Bee Active

DJ Day

DJ, put the record on! Let's dance to the rhythms of our favourite hit songs played by radio or club DJs.

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Popcorn Day

Make the popcorn day celebration fun and delicious - prepare popcorn with various dips and toppings, invite your friends and discover your new favourite flavours.

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Creativity month

January is dedicated to creativity and getting to know the visionaries who have created marvellous new inventions. So browse the web and discover great minds transcending all limits and changing the world with creativity and innovation.

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Cable Car Day

Today is the right day for a trip. Take a cable car up to some lookout points and enjoy the beautiful views. In Slovenia, you can take the funicular to Ljubljana Castle and look at the capital of Slovenia from a new perspective.

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Nothing day

It sounds far-fetched. But is it? Today is Nothing day, so take a break - relax and regain your strength. Even if you are lucky enough to have your birthday today - we recommend that you move the celebration to some other day.

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The lowest measured temperature in Slovenia

As cold as ice? On this day in 1956, the lowest temperature in Slovenia was measured in Babno Polje, namely 34.5 degrees below zero. Investigate what the lowest measured temperature of all time in your country is.

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World Logic Day

We are celebrating Logic Day! Find the best board games that require the use of logic and train your brains.

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Skeptic\'s Day

Are you often skeptical and doubtful about the facts given to you? Even if you aren't, at least become a little sceptical on this day. Go online and find news that sounds so incredible you can't help but doubt them. Investigate into their background and make sure they are credible.

Bee Smart

National Pharmacist Day

Have you ever wondered how Agatha Christie knew all about chemical ingredients that were fatal to the characters in her crime novels? This is because, during the First World War, she worked in a hospital and a pharmacy. By the way, even recipes for popular drinks like Coca Cola, Pepsi and Ginger Ale were invented by pharmacists.

Bee Smart

Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day

The Morse code was invented by Samuel Finley Breese Morse and Alfred Vail as far back as 1837 to enable communication via telegraphs. The characters of the alphabet consist of short and long characters and spaces. It was primarily used in the navy and army and adopted by scouts, radio amateurs, and pilots.