What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

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Skeptic\'s Day

Are you often skeptical and doubtful about the facts given to you? Even if you aren't, at least become a little sceptical on this day. Go online and find news that sounds so incredible you can't help but doubt them. Investigate into their background and make sure they are credible.

Bee Smart

National Pharmacist Day

Have you ever wondered how Agatha Christie knew all about chemical ingredients that were fatal to the characters in her crime novels? This is because, during the First World War, she worked in a hospital and a pharmacy. By the way, even recipes for popular drinks like Coca Cola, Pepsi and Ginger Ale were invented by pharmacists.

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Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day

The Morse code was invented by Samuel Finley Breese Morse and Alfred Vail as far back as 1837 to enable communication via telegraphs. The characters of the alphabet consist of short and long characters and spaces. It was primarily used in the navy and army and adopted by scouts, radio amateurs, and pilots.

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A day without pants on the subway

It all started in New York in 2002 when seven daring passengers took the subway in their underwear for the first time. The no-pants transport party has become so popular that, despite the winter temperatures, it is enthusiastically celebrated all over the world. In countries without a subway, brave passengers without pants board city buses (No Pants Bus Ride).

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NEK (Nuclear Power Plant Krško) the first to use a printed component

On January 9, 2017, the team of the largest European engineering company Siemens installed a 3D-printed component in the Krško Nuclear Power Plant, namely a metal rotor for a fire safety pump. This is the first recorded installation of a 3D-printed part in any nuclear power plant in the world and is considered an industrial breakthrough.

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Bubble Bath Day

Today's cold winter day is perfect for celebrating in a tub full of soap bubbles. So take a dip in your bubble bath and enjoy.

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International Programmers\' Day

This day is celebrated by people who understand the world of zeros and ones. Join the celebration by writing down your biggest wish in ASCII code, attending a free programming course, or wearing a T-shirt with binary codes.

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National Bean Day

Treat yourself to one of the healthiest legumes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then, just for fun and to pass the time, you can create artwork with dried beans – make a string of beans to use as jewelry, glue it to paper and create bean images.

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National Screenwriters Day

While you enjoy watching your favourite movie or series today, don't forget to thank the person who wrote the wonderful movie story. Celebrating Screenwriters Day, the honourable mention goes to Mitja Okorn, an outstanding Slovenian screenwriter and director, who, among other things, added two great hits to his collection of films. The first is Letters of St. Nicholas (Listy do M.), and in 2017, he became famous in Hollywood with his film Life in a Year.

Bee Kind

World Braille Day

Braille provides blind and partially sighted people with opportunities for equal inclusion in society. Spend the day with a blind or sight-impaired person and learn to use braille.