What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

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World Day for Audio-visual Heritage

UNESCO declared October 27 World Day for Audio-visual Heritage to highlight the paramount importance of audio-visual material and the media, such as films, video and sound recordings, radio and television. To appropriately celebrate this day, watch an old black and white movie. Which one will you choose?

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Intersex Awareness Day

Being intersexual is not a disease, as it is a natural development of the human body. According to some estimates, up to 1.7% of the population has intersex characteristics. On this international day, support the movement against the mutilation of the bodies of people born slightly different but still healthy.

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World Pasta Day

Pasta! Spaghetti! Macaroni! Noodles! Every Slovene dialect names pasta in its own way, but we all adore them in 1001 ways. So, invite your friends or gather your family at the table and make a competition to prepare this oldest fast food in the world! Of course, the loser washes the dishes!

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Global Media and Information Literacy Week

Global Media and Information Literacy Week, held under the auspices of UNESCO, encourages citizens to become media and information literate. Find the nearest event taking place as part of this global week and acquire new skills.

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Slovenian Sport Day

Slovenia is the land of sport. Did you know that Slovenia is among the best in the world in terms of Olympic medals per capita?  Slovenia already had 65 Olympic medals, and added another 7 medals from Tokyo Olympics this year. In Tokyo, the national basketball team won a historic 4th place. 

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Queen Elizabeth II visited Lipica in 2008

On this day in 2008, the oldest stud farm in the world, Lipica, was visited by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. To honor the Queen, a tribal stallion named 085 Favory Canissa XXII was presented to her in Lipica.

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International Shakeout day

Have you ever felt the ground move under your feet? This day is dedicated to raising awareness about earthquakes, their occurrence, and the elimination of their consequences. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent them, but we can significantly mitigate them by recognizing earthquake zones, making people aware of how to deal with earthquakes and building anti-earthquake facilities. Learn more about earthquakes.

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International Sloth Day

Lazy. Lazier. As lazy as a sloth! Relax, drop all your work, and become the sloth of the day.

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Gin Tonic day

"Cheers!" All lovers of this bitter but refreshing drink celebrate today gin-tonic day. Although gin has only become popular in recent years, it has a rich and long history behind it. Did you know that gin was first distilled by the Dutch in the 17th century and used for medicinal purposes?

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Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day

Tidy up your virtual desktop by deleting unnecessary applications and documents and sorting others into folders. Share your tips and offer help to technically less skilled people.

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The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Poverty is present in all countries of the world, and, according to rough estimates, 800 million people live in extreme poverty. Everyone can actively contribute to poverty eradication, so: donate to organizations and support programs that focus on poverty eradication, donate things you don't need, join a voluntary association that cares for the poor elderly or children, and call on those responsible to finally take action and reduce poverty.

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World Food Day

Today it's all about food. From pizza to pasta, from apples to fresh tomatoes and all the good stuff in between - today we can indulge in as many amazing dishes and ingredients as World Food Day celebrates. Let´s choose local foods and take care not to throw away leftovers.

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World Walking Day

Let's stretch our legs today! It's World Walking Day. Go for a long walk, hike in the hills, or find one of the themed trails near you. Choose to walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator and walk to work and the shop.

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World Standards Day

To reduce the impact people have on our planet, we must follow international standards. Do you know the standards for environmental protection? Go ahead and look them up!

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No Bra Day

Girls, women, young ladies, leave your bra at home today! By the way, did you know that the Slovenian company Lisca became famous in Yugoslavia with the Majda bra as far back as 1955?