What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

Bee Smart

The first plane landed at Brnik Airport on December 24, 1963

Slovenia is connected to the United Arab Emirates by scheduled flight from the Jože Pučnik Airport. Did you know that the first plane of the then company Adria Aviopromet landed at the biggest Slovenian Airport on this day in 1963? Scheduled air traffic was established on January 9 the following year.

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Christmas Movie Marathon Day

The Christmas Movie Marathon is definitely a day we all look forward to. So choose your favourite Christmas movies, invite family or friends, and enjoy the Christmas movie spirit.

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Herman Potočnik birth

On this day in 1892, one of the founders of space technology, a rocket engineer of Slovenian descent, Herman Potočnik, was born. Potočnik was a visionary of the still unrealized idea of ​​the International Geostationary Space Station with artificial gravity – the Habitat Wheel. Visit the Noordung space technology centre in Vitanje, where you can better understand space and Potočnik's works.

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December Solstice

Today is the shortest day of the year, followed by the longest night. In the past, the winter solstice was considered the end of the old year and the beginning of a new one. So don't let the darkness stop you - go for a night walk.

Bee Kind

International Human Solidarity Day

The Christmas holidays are a synonym of shopping and abundance, but unfortunately, many cannot afford it. That is why today, on International Human Solidarity Day, we show our kindness and help those in need. Let solidarity be an incentive for a fairer and friendlier world.

Bee Kind

Hard Candy Day

Let's colour our day with sweet colourful candy! Then, to make the day even sweeter, share them with your friends!

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Arabic Language Day

If you've ever wanted to learn Arabic, today is the perfect day to start. We are celebrating Arabic Language Day, which is spoken by more than 400 million people today and is the official language in 25 countries. The Arabic alphabet consists of 28 basic letters written from right to left. Arabic is the sixth language by the number of speakers and is one of the official languages ​​of the United Nations.

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Ugly Christmas sweater day

The third Friday in December is the day we put on ugly Christmas sweaters. The more accessories they have, the more suitable they are to wear. In the evening, wear the ugliest sweater with winter motifs and become the life of the party.

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National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Chocoholics, today is your day! Have you ever wondered what a certain food would taste like if you added chocolate to it? Try it! Buy your favourite chocolate, melt it, throw in different foods and snacks, and find your new favourite combination.

Bee Smart

International Tea Day

Treat yourself to a cup of your favourite tea. Some more interesting information about tea: the largest tea producer in the world is India, and Darjeeling black tea is drunk the most popular. Tea came to Europe from Japan, and in 1610 the first shipment arrived at the port of Amsterdam. In Slovenia, we produce fruit and herbal teas. In fact, monks know the healing effects of tea especially well and have successfully developed herbalism in Slovenia.