What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

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Primož Trubar was born in 1508

On this day, in 1508, the father of the standard Slovene language, Primož Trubar, was born. In 1550 he issued the first two Slovenian books: Abecedarium and Catechismus. There are four streets and two primary schools named after the great Protestant in Slovenia. And since he is well-regarded in Germany as well, there is a trail carrying his name between Nürnberg in Derendingen.

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World Oceans Day

On World Oceans Day, the World Wildlife Fund calls our attention to the state of the Mediterranean Sea. Every year, 570,000 tons of plastic waste is disposed of, which equals 33,800 plastic bottles per minute. On this day, we should be more careful to use proper litter bins and go for sustainable packaging instead of plastic.

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On June 6 and 7, 1964, the first Jurjevanje took place in Bela Krajina

Go visit the oldest folk festival in Slovenia – Jurjevanje in the Bela Krajina region and sing your heart out at the tunes of the beloved traditional song: "Došel je, došel, Zeleni Jure!" The first Jurjevanje was held on June 6 and 7 in 1964 when 3000 people all together gathered to see it. Zeleni Jure, or Green George in English, is a mythological creature dressed in green birch branches that chases away winter and brings spring, happiness, and wealth to the people. Fun fact: did you know that the 54th Jurjevanje in 2017 was the first-ever zero-waste event in Slovenia?  

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Land of the Hayracks opened in 2013

The hayrack has been a part of Slovenian culture for centuries and has stayed one of the most recognisable elements of traditional architecture. The open-air museum of hayracks, the so-called Land of Hayracks, was opened on June 6, 2013, in Šentrupert. Its purpose is to display the evolution of hayracks and their significance through time, space, and society. You are welcome to visit the museum and learn about Slovenian countryside architecture.

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World Environment Day

It's World Environment Day so let's do something about it. Let's bring all individual efforts together into one effective collective change for nature and the whole planet.

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International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

This day acknowledges the pain children suffer as victims of physical and psychological abuse. Let's not turn away! If children need help, it is our duty to help them and at least try to make their lives better. Did you know? During the Coronavirus pandemic, The Canadian Women's Foundation introduced the international SignalForHelp. It is a simple gesture that abuse victims utilise to signal they are in distress or fear for their wellbeing. If you see this sign, you are encouraged to call for help because this person cannot.

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World Bicycle Day

Get on your bike, trike or scooter, and cover some of today's errands self-propelled!

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World No Tobacco Day

Support this special day by helping to raise awareness of the harmful effects of smoking, especially among young people. Smokers try to endure today without a cigarette.

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Revoz has produced 4 million Renault by 2018

Since 1973, when the first cars came from the production lines of the IMV factory, until today, 4 million Renaults have been produced in the largest Slovenian vehicle factory, Revoz.

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International Everest Day

Mount Everest is renowned all over the globe for being the world´s tallest mountain. Climb your own “Everest” by taking a hike or climb at a local hill. Want to do the real thing? Start training and researching so you can conquer that peak.

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Amnesty International Day

Raise awareness, join an initiative, or donate to Amnesty International to join the fight against human rights violations.

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1961 Decree declaring the Triglav Lakes Valley a national park

Slovenians are the fifth nation in Europe that established its own national park. The Triglav National Park was established in 1924. It is located between the three borders of Slovenia, Italy and Austria.  Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountain is located in the center of this stunning park. 

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International Towel Day

Hang the most useful thing in the world around your neck today and pay homage to Douglas Adams, the author of the famous Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy book series. Today is a perfect day to read a book created by Adams.

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Electric lighting was introduced to Postojna Cave in 1885

On 24 May we celebrate 137 years since electric lighting was introduced to Postojna Cave. The most visited Karst cave in the world was lit by electricity three years before London and was one of the first underground luminaires in the world.

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World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day is dedicated to raising awareness about the protection and life of turtles. Did you know that these slow but intelligent animals are the longest-living organisms? The tortoise Jonathan is the oldest land animal in the world and counts 190 years!