What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

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International Day of Friendship

How about an analogue meet with your friends? Talk to a stranger – this person might be your new friend – You just have to get to know them first. Just a thought: you can never have too many friends or too many shoes.

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Red Lipstick day

Be a radiant image of confidence and power. Girls put on your brightest shade of lipstick and conquer the world!

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Discovery of piles on the Ljubljana Marshes in 1875

On July 28, 1875, breaking news hit the front page of the newspaper Slovenski narod. The title read: The Great Find. In fact, it was. Dragotin Dežman was excavating near Ig on the edge of Ljubljana when he discovered the now known Ig pillar dwellings. They have been a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2011.

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The railway connection between Vienna and Trieste was opened in 1857

Take a train to work to lower the carbon footprint. Maybe you should consider hopping on a train as your next adventure. Try the Museum Train that takes you along the Bohinj track. It's one of the most scenic routes you can imagine. The 145-kilometre section from Jesenice to Trieste will take you across 62 bridges and 43 tunnels.

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Franjo Dominko was born in 1903

Franjo Dominko, a Slovenian physicist and astronomer, was born in 1903. He established the Astronomy and Geophysical Observatory with a seismic detector on Golovec. He was one of the first people in Slovenia to direct the development of seismology and encourage architects and engineers to apply this new science's finds to new buildings.

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Wine and Cheese Day

Combine pleasure with the usefulness: visit the nearest winery and taste wine and cheeses. Which combination convinces you the most?

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Tell An Old Joke Day

Make your family laugh by telling them a good joke.

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Vanilla Ice Cream Day

Today we celebrate the ordinary scoop of vanilla ice cream. Have a huge one (or two) and stay in a cool shade. By the way, did you know that ice cream made of Slovenian vanilla was introduced in Prekmurje?

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Pi Approximation Day

The most accurate representation of the number PI has 50,000,000,000,000 digits. That's 50 trillion digits! Timothy Mullican from the USA achieved this number on January 29, 2020, after more than 8 months of calculating. That was his own way of testing his computers.

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Junk Food Day

What's your favourite junk food? Chips, burger, pizza, burek or, dare we say, all of the above? Order your favourite kind and have a great lunch or dinner. Pa dober tek!

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Chess Day

Today it's all about the board with 64 black and white fields and 16 game pieces that stand opposite each other. We're talking about chess, of course. It's the perfect day to learn how to play or to indulge in a good game. By the way, did you know that Laura Unuk (age 23) became the first Slovenian grandmaster in May 2021 and is now one of 121 female chess players in the world that achieved this prestigious ranking?

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The Solkan Bridge officially opened in 1906

On July 19, 1906, people witnessed the grand opening of an exceptional engineering masterpiece – the Solkan bridge. It reaches 36 metres above river Soča, and its 85-metre-long stone arch makes it the biggest stone bridge in the world.

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Divje Babe flute was unearthed in 1995

On this day in 1995, the oldest known instrument in the world was discovered in the cave called Divje Babe along the river Idrijca. Can you believe it's 60,000 years old! If you want to see it, visit the National Museum of Slovenia.

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World Emoji Day

It's the day to talk about cute little pictures we so happily use in our messages. ???? :D :P

Now, let's play a game: use three emojis that describe how you feel right now and send them to everybody you know. Try not to end the game!

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World snake day

Have you ever heard of the phrase that someone "bites like a snake" or "squeezes you like a python"? We dedicate this day to slithering creatures, to whom we often do injustice. Of the 3,686 species of snakes known in the world, only about 600 are poisonous. There are 11 species of snakes in Slovenia, of which only three are poisonous - horned viper, asp viper and common European viper.