What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

Bee Smart

International Day against Nuclear Tests

The government of Kazakhstan started the initiative to declare this day as International Day against Nuclear Tests. During the cold war, this country had over 450 nuclear explosions. The first atomic testing, the »Manhattan Project«, was conducted in the New Mexico desert in 1945. by the time the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty was signed in 1996, over 2,000 tests had already been performed, mainly in the USA and Russia.

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Ivan Tavčar, Slovene writer and politician was born

On this day, in 1851, a Slovenian writer, politician and solicitor, Ivan Tavčar, was born near Škofja Loka. He is most famous for his historic novel Visoška kronika (The Chronicles of Visoko) and Cvetje v jeseni (Autumn Blossoms), a story that was later adapted to a film.

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International Bat Night

International Bat Night is held every year on this particular night in over 30 countries to raise awareness about bats and to preserve these mysterious creatures. There are more than 1400 bat species in the world; about 30 of them are found in Slovenia. In the evening, walk to the nearest bat cave or bat house and watch these beautiful animals.

Bee Kind

International Dogs Day

Dogs. They are human's best friends. Let's celebrate that. If you own a dog, make his day special by taking him on a walk and giving him some yummy treats. Those of you who aren't this fortunate (yet), visit the nearest shelter and make a homeless dog wag his tail by walking or adopting him.

Bee Kind

Alfred Charles Kinsey was born

Pay tribute to the beginner of sexology, Alfred Charles Kinsey, who was born on this day. Be kind to yourself. Do some exercise for your body and soul.

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Anže Kopitar, Hockey player, is born in 1987

Happy Birthday, Anže Kopitar! Watch an LA Kings match where you'll surely see the outstanding Slovenian hockey player and captain of the LA Kings – Anže Kopitar. 

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The first internationally recognized asteroid discovered and named by Slovenian astronomers in 1998

Look up to the starry sky tonight. Try to see a shooting star or name the brightest constellations. On this day in 1998, Slovenian astronomers discovered 9674 Slovenija – our first internationally recognised asteroid.

Bee Kind

Be An Angel Day

August 22 is National Be an Angel Day, which encourages good deeds and kindness to others. Help those in need, inspire people with kindness, compassion, support and love. Let acts of kindness circle the globe.

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World Entrepreneur\'s Day

World Entrepreneur's Day has a mission to promote consciousness about entrepreneurs and innovation around the globe. Slovenia ranks 32 out of 131 on The World's Most Innovative Countries Chart.

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World Mosquito Day

For most parts of the world, mosquitos are nothing more than a summer nuisance. However, in the tropical regions, these little bloodsuckers mean something much worse. Every year, about 200 million people suffer from malaria. And mosquitos are the ones to blame. Don't forget to put on your repellent!

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World Photography Day

While the memories fade, a photograph lives on and tells stories to generations succeeding us. The first snapshot was made by Nicéphora Niépce around 1816. Sadly, the picture wasn't any good due to overexposure. Did you know that Louis Daguerre created the first selfie in 1838 when he put himself in front of his camera? Try capturing an unforgettable moment today.

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Never Give Up Day

Life can be challenging, but we have to be sure there is a miraculous force inside each of us that can help us achieve anything if only we believe in ourselves. Congratulate yourself on this »Never Give Up Day« for all the struggles you have overcome so far. And encourage your friend in distress to face the challenges bravely.

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First Okarina folk music festival 1991

Stop by Okarina, the Slovene folk music festival. The first festival was held on August 17, 1919 and found its home in Pristava near Bled. It is one of the most well-known festivals of this kind that has hosted many remarkable folk music artists. 

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World Bratwurst Day

Let's talk about sausages. Kranjska klobasa is a delicasy traditionally found on Slovenian plates. It comes from our cultural heritage of pig-cutting feasts, and it was entered into the Protected Geographical Indication Register. Ideas for dinner? Sausage and sauerkraut.

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Cycle to work day

Everybody on your bikes! Take care of your health, the environment and the wellbeing of humankind – go to work by bicycle or mini scooter.