What wisdom, activity or advice does this day bring you?

Bee Smart

International Day of Mathematics and Pi Day

Are you in love with numbers? Today we celebrate the day of mathematics and the number pi! Double victory! Therefore: wear the craziest t-shirt with numbers, make a homemade pi-pizza, take part in a competition in memorizing the decimals of the number pi, or watch a maths-inspired film such as: A Short History of Time, Wonderful Mind, Pi or Gifted.

Bee Kind

Good Samaritan Day

Let's celebrate Good Samaritan Day with selfless acts and help those in need. Let's be kind to everyone, smile at a stranger on the street, and help people in need the best we can.

Bee Kind

Working Moms Day

Every mother certainly has the most challenging job in the world: simply being a mother to her children and raising them to be good people. That is why today, all the great mothers who coordinate their children's upbringing and work deserve attention. Therefore: write a thank-you letter to your mother, cook dinner or surprise her with a clean and tidy home.

Bee Smart

World Plumbing Day

March 11 is World Plumbing Day. Its goal is to learn, share knowledge, make connections, and find opportunities to work together to improve the quality and access to fresh water and safe sanitation. Learn about sanitary water management, protection, and preservation of the environment from faeces, construction of water supply and wastewater management.

Bee Active

Super Mario Day

The kids of the 90s certainly know Super Mario very well. This video game character was created by the Japanese game designer for one of the most successful series of Nintendo video games. So it's time to organize a retro video night and play a round of your favourite old video games.

Bee Smart

Unique Names Day

 Do you know a person with a unique name? Send them a message with a unique message. Don't you know anyone who has a unique name? Then let Google help you find unusual combinations of first and last names.

Bee Active

International Women\'s Day

Celebrate Women's Day by helping to shape the world of gender equality: promote women's equality in the workplace, support a local business run by a woman, and attend events organized by various associations on this day.

Bee Smart

Telephone was invented

On this day in 1876, an American inventor Alexander Graham Bell introduced to the world an extraordinary device, which he named the telephone. Call everyone close to your heart and chat with them - this time on your mobile phone.

Bee Active

Dentist´s Day

Are you afraid of going to the dentist? You shouldn't be because a beautiful smile is the most beautiful decoration on the face. Check when was the last time you visited the dentist and pay extra attention to your teeth.

Bee Active

World Energy Efficiency Day

World Energy Conservation Day is dedicated to raising awareness about reducing energy consumption. Contribute to the preservation of our beautiful planet, too - so make sure you turn off the lights, adjust your thermostat, go to work or school on foot and make sure that your litter is recycled.